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City of McAllen

McAllen, Texas is an "All American" city located on the border with Mexico. In 2012, McAllen MSA ranked #1 in the nation for long term job growth, was named fastest growing metro in the nation and ranked as the best housing market in the nation.
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After the success of our previous work for the 2015 State of the City Address, we were once again approached by the City of McAllen Administrative Grants office to work with them in creating the website for the 2016 year in review.

We were once again faced with the time obstacle, but this time, had the advantage of knowing what needed to go where, and more importantly, how we wanted to display. Once again, we featured all the basic information on the home page for those visitors who prefer to glance, and expanded the site from there to over 25 pages highlighting the top moments and achievements of Mayor Darling's team.

* Read overview for 2015 Year in Review here.






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