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McAllen Performing Arts Center

Newly opened in November, 2016, the McAllen Performing Arts Center presents a wide variety of nationally recognized productions of music, dance and theater to the people of South Texas. 
The City of McAllen is committed to enhancing the arts and cultural experience by delivering the most advanced performing arts center south of San Antonio, and bringing a broader variety of entertainment and live performance that has never before been possible in South Texas.
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In the fall of 2014 we were approached by the City of McAllen Convention Facilities Department to begin working jointly on what would be the official identity for the McAllen Performing Arts Center. During the first year of promotion, we created an image inspired entirely by the starry sky designed for the auditorium's ceiling.

It wasn't until the summer of 2016 that we fully began developing the final look and feel for all their collateral. We took inspiration from different architectural and interior design elements -- from the geometric textured walls, to the color palette used for the carpet in the lobby. 

The final product was a suite of collateral materials to be used for the promotion of their Membership and Ambassador programs ranging in various formats and layouts. 






Marathon Pace T-Shirts
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