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10 Craft Beers with Personality (part 1)

The world of craft beers has grown exponentially in recent years, and doesn't seem to slow down. Sometimes they are small producers, other times they are consolidated brands that launch new 'premium products' on the market with which to target a consumer who is looking for something new, special, select and limited edition. With many branding and packaging options, design studios manage to give it that differential touch with respect to the mainstream beer of the supermarket shelf. Today we present 10 designs of craft beers to feed your inspiration.

1. William Street Beer

William Street Beer Co. is a craft brewery in Ontario, Canada, located next to the harbor in the idyllic city of Cobourg. The brand wanted to recognize in its design the marine heritage of Cobourg but without falling into something too heavy. The Toronto agency Luke Despatie & The Design Firm created a series of maritime characters that reflected the eccentric spirit of the townspeople. A nautical rope on the neck of the bottle from which hang some labels with the extra information of these craft beers, also helps to give it that marine aspect.

2. Birra Levante

Birra Levante Italian craft brewery, currently produces two beers that are named after the famous Italian fair of La Befana di Urbania. According to Italian folklore, La Befana is an old woman who gives gifts to children throughout Italy (in the style of Santa Claus). Mister Gatto Studio has designed the variants of identity and packaging to date produced: 'Vien di Notte' and 'Cara B'. The first is a smoked black beer that refers to the warmth of the fireplace always lit during the winter; the second is an amber beer, caramelized and sweet tasting. All the labels show a lettering, handwritten in serigraphs with metallic colors, especially gold and silver, on the transparent sticker.

3. Ippon Matsu Beer

In the city of Rikuzentakata, a lone pine tree stands as a testimony to the survival after the 2011 tsunami. That beautiful symbol is the one chosen by the Japanese designer Kota Kobayashi for the design of this project. The name of this beer means 'A pine tree' and its image consists of three joined triangles that form the symbol of that tree and in parallel the resulting figure has an upward arrow shape, representing the hope of a more hopeful future for Japan. The label, written by hand, is placed on the cap of the bottle, and it tells the story of the lonely tree.

4. TerraCotta

Designed for the Italian firm Zago, specialized in craft beer, TerraCotta's design opts for a more contemporary minimalist style. The design has been carried out by the Italian studio Opificio Lamantini Anonimi. The TerraCotta denomination allows linking the product to its nature. 'Terra', in reference to the soil, to the middle where the seeds of the hops grow. 'Cotta' is a particular step in production, specific to the craft beer process. "The fusion of these two words, remember the craftsmanship of the product," they explain. The labels include all the information about the product to highlight the craft work of beer, to 'educate' and 'guide' the consumer through the recipe, indicating ways to taste and drink different types of beer.

5. L'Ermita

L'Hermitage is a beer produced 100% handmade and numbered. The design of the visual identity and the packaging has been developed by Nueve Estudio, formed by the designers Ana V. Francés and Cristina Toledo. The economy of resources is the predominant note, but with nuances that provide an interesting graphic work. A project that has allowed them to "investigate around the architecture and aesthetics of Romanesque sponsored under the spirit of the producer," as they comment.

Source: Gráffica


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