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10 Craft Beers with Personality (part 2)

Updated: Apr 23, 2018

The world of craft beers has grown exponentially in recent years, and doesn't seem to slow down. Sometimes they are small producers, other times they are consolidated brands that launch new 'premium products' on the market with which to target a consumer who is looking for something new, special, select and limited edition. With many branding and packaging options, design studios manage to give it that differential touch with respect to the mainstream beer of the supermarket shelf. Today we present 10 designs of craft beers to feed your inspiration.

6. Underground Beer Club

Underground Beer Club is a project that unites the best producers of craft beer in Uruguay. To conquer a wider audience, they launched a new packaging with a large selection of beers. A combination of styles specially designed for beginners in the world of craft beers. Designers Martín Azambuja and Francisco Cunha from the studio of Motevideo Mundial are responsible for the design. "In order to carry out this work, we decided that each label should have its own illustration that tells something of its flavor and its history," they explain. "We believe that good beer is a time to share and chat, and we wanted our labels to be part of the conversation."

7. Joker Beer

From Mexico City, the branding and graphic communication agency Factor Tres presents this simple and original game in the branding of Joker beer. The upside-down text adds a playful element that illustrates the name of the brand that functions as an ambigram - words or phrases written or drawn in such a way that admit at least two different readings. As Factor Tres mentioned, this design allows to make a cheap but very strong production. A design that has been awarded a Silver Award at Pentawards 2013.

8. Finísima

Also from Mexico we have the Finísima brand. One of the craft beers that advocates independent elaboration without sacrificing the accessibility and opening of a commercial beer. The graphic approach of Savvy Studio is based on providing an aesthetic line that reinforces the "premium and challenging essence" of the product. "The use of high quality materials and finishes in unusual formats, contrasted by a language inspired by the work of Pedro Friedeberg and the Mexican Surrealism of the 50s and 60s."

9. Staropramen Lager - limited edition

The penultimate design we present corresponds to a well-known brand of Czech beer, Staropramen. This time it is a Lager limited edition. The design was entrusted to the agency BBDO- Ukraine with the aim of introducing the brand in the Russian and Ukrainian market. The idea of BBDO was to celebrate Prague and the famous bridge of San Carlos. A symbol that reflects the legends of Prague. Each piece represents a part of the bridge. The success of this work has led to its launch in the United Kingdom, Sweden and other 4 European countries.

10. Dolina - Moruba

We close our decalogue of craft beers with Dolina, the multi-awarded work of the Rioja Moruba. Dolina is the first craft beer produced in Burgos. The concept of search, discovery, discovery are present in the design of graphic identity and packaging. A truly original packaging. The choice of name is a clear tribute to the Gran Dolina. It is one of the best known sites in the Sierra de Atapuerca, and its labels work as an invitation to participate in a game by scratching on them.

Source: Gráffica


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