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Deloitte modernizes its brand image

The last time Deloitte had a facelift, Facebook didn't even exist, its senior MD of global brand noted.

After thirteen years, Deloitte’s iconic green dot gets a makeover. Say hello to the new Deloitte global brand identity.

Deloitte unveiled a makeover plan for its image at its world meeting in Tokyo, 13 years since its last brand refresh.

To launch the initiative, Deloitte senior MD of its global brand, Amu Fuller, wrote a blog post explaining the changes.

"All the core elements that comprise Deloitte's visual identity -- color, fonts, imagery, and the applications in which they reside -- have evolved," Fuller wrote. "We are building on the strong foundation of our existing brand in professional services."

The changes to the brand will occur gradually, with the majority of the "brand elements and materials for the new system" expected to be in place this summer, Fuller wrote. She added that updating building signage will take longer, and it will be handled on an individual basis to reduce costs.

Some of the visual changes are subtle, with "slight refinements" added to the logo and green dot, according to Steve Dutton, senior manager of global communications.

Other aspects of the brand refresh include a new typeface (Open Sans) and replacing the blue on its logo with black and white to bring out their "signature green," Dutton said via email. All primary surfaces, such as Deloitte communication covers and banners, will feature its "signature circular super graphic." The company also created a custom iconography style that is "purely circular."

The intended effect is a cleaner look that represents each aspect of all of its businesses. Dutton added that this new look is flexible and suited for a range of messages and mediums.

"The purpose of the brand identity refresh is to create a single brand architecture and identity system so that regardless of where someone is geographically or what business they interact with or what device they use to reach us, they have a consistent and meaningful Deloitte experience," Dutton wrote.

One of the goals of the brand refresh was creating a consistent brand experience across a variety of platforms, which is "an objective that was only dreamed about in 2003, but that is critical today," Fuller wrote.

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