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Facebook redesigns business Pages

Facebook is at it again, making bold changes to the Pages layout.

If you’ve visited a business or brand’s Facebook Page in recent days, you may have noticed things look a little different. The company is now finalizing the rollout of a new, cleaner look-and-feel for Pages, which does away with tabs in favor of left-hand side navigation, and makes the Page’s call-to-action button – like “Sign Up,” “Shop Now,” “Learn More,” etc. – far more prominent than before, among other things.

These revamped Facebook Pages were first spotted earlier this summer, and the new design seen then featured a larger Cover photo and omitted the display ads that normally appeared on the right-hand side of desktop Pages, a Facebook spokesperson confirmed at the time. However, the company said then that the new Pages were only a test, and didn’t indicate that the design would be pushed to all Facebook Page owners, nor did it provide a deadline.

Over the past few weeks, more Facebook users have seen these new Pages go live and we understand that most are now seeing the Pages’ redesign at this time. A lot of people finally gained access to the new Pages this week, in fact. (In other words, if you are not seeing them yet, you should very soon.)

Here's what our client's Page looks like today:

Ivan Terrazas is a Mexican profesional baseball player for the Diablos Rojos del México

The most important changes are:

  1. Cleaner cover photo (828 pixels wide by 315 tall on desktops)

  2. "Logo" image has been moved to left column (will be cropped to 160x160 pixels)

  3. More Page tabs are visible

  4. Like, Message and Share buttons have moved

  5. Call-to-Action has moved and is bigger (choose button from drop down menu)

  6. Business category is more prominent

  7. Search bar now lets you search for posts from the page

  8. About section moved to right column

  9. Apps now appear on the right

“We’ve introduced a new design for Pages on desktop to make it easier for people to learn about and interact with businesses on Facebook, including a new column for tab navigation and a more prominent call-to-action button.”

The company this week also introduced new sections for merchants on Facebook to promote their goods and services, within a services section Pages. This feature, however, is available in markets in Southeast Asia and other areas, such as Thailand, Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, India, Argentina and Taiwan.

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