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Olympic Design a Winner

Have you ever wondered how Olympic winners store their medals?

For these Games, a big focus has been the celebration of nature and sustainability--something quite important considering there are 2,488 medals awarded: 812 gold, 812 silver and 864 bronze.

"Bearing the design that celebrates the relationship between the strengths of Olympic heroes and the forces of nature, the 500g gold, silver and bronze medals have been made with sustainability at their heart."

Here are some photos showcasing the medals and cases that are given to the athletes after they come down from the podium.

Photos: Rio 2016/Alex Ferro

These cases are made of hand-carved freijó wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, and consist of two parts which slide to reveal the valuable medal. They have a small magnet to prevent it from opening accidentally.

The athletes who top the podium in Rio are receiving medals from gold that was extracted without the use of mercury. The silver and bronze medals have been produced using 30% recycled materials -- half of the plastic in the ribbons which hang the medals around the athletes' necks comes from recycled plastic bottles.

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