7 Gems Hidden in Astros World Champions Logo

The Houston Astros continue their celebration of their 2017 World Series championship, only this time with a full identity to commemorate this historic event and store it permanently in the minds and hearts of people in the community.

Astros honor Houston with hidden elements in commemorative logo

Astros Creative Director, Chris David, explains how quickly they had to move right after the championship game was over, in order to keep the momentum going and give the Astros and their fans a logo they'd never forget.

"...how do we create an asset that we can extend to partners and localize our celebration in the market and surrounding region", explains David.

Image: Chris David for Houston Astros

Already an impressive logo conveying "we won it all", this asset hides seven different elements for the fans to feel proud of. They are symbols that reflect history, sport, past and present, and of course local pride.

Image: Chris David for Houston Astros

"So as all logos should have incorporated, our's was built with legendary symbolism and iconic tributes - and here are the hidden gems that though are public knowledge, almost no one knows about outside of the organization, until now" mentioned Chris on his site.

Of course one of the best parts in the process for any designer is to see his/her creation executed on different applications.

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