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Baseball is Coming

For the second year in a row, HBO and Major League Baseball are partnering to deliver specially customized “Game of Thrones-themed events, giveaways, ticket specials and experiences to participating MLB ballparks this summer,” according to a press release from HBO.

The eighth and final season Game of Thrones won't arrive until 2019, but fear not: The big leagues are here to provide your Westeros fix in the meantime. GoT theme nights took Major League ballparks by storm last season -- really, what more could you want than Chris Devenski riding a dragon? -- and MLB and HBO announced on Tuesday that the partnership is back for the 2018 season.

To announce the renewed partnership, MLB released a “Baseball Is Coming” promo video in the style of the Thrones opening credits. It features a ballpark coming together the same way King’s Landing or Winterfell do before the blood starts spilling on Sunday night. It’s a genuinely cool video and completely mesmerizing to watch the mound, seats, and other ballpark details click into place.

It’s exceedingly rare for baseball to try to do something cool and actually pull it off in a effortless way. Sure, this is the brainchild of two multi-billion dollar companies that are only doing this to convince you to spend more money on both of their products. So it’s hard to be too over the moon about the creativity. But it’s neat!

We'll have to wait to find out just what each team has in store for fans this year. But considering that 2017 brought us everything from Bruce Bochy taking a press conference atop the Iron Throne to a Jeff Banister/Lannister bobblehead, you'll want to snatch up some tickets ASAP.

Per the release, “details for participating Clubs and the unique experiences offered at these ‘Game of Thrones’ summer events in 2018 will be announced at a later date.” Stay tuned. And don’t forget to get in on the action using the hashtag #GoTMLB.


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