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Logo & Branding Trends 2019 (p. 1)

It’s not just logo design that will experience a shift in 2019, it’s branding itself.

Since mobile browsing surpassed desktop in late 2016, the marketing world has been turned on its head, shifting their priorities to making things beautiful (and captivating) on smaller screens.

Now, designers are catching up with the latest logo design trends for a new digital landscape. Tomorrow’s logos will take advantage of technological advancements and a fascination for futurism, but won’t forget the “good ol’ days.”

The folks from JUST Creative have analyzed the trends that were rising—and falling—to compile a list of what we strongly predict to be the top logo design trends of 2019.

1. Shapeshifting Logos

This trend affects every brand, no matter the industry, size, or personality. It’s creating multiple variations of your logo so you can better optimize your branding based on where the logo is displayed. This trend combines four sub logo trends that have been simmering for awhile:

  • Generative – “Living” logos that constantly changing, often based on an algorithm, or predetermined brand language.

  • Responsive Logos — Logos adapt to different device screen sizes (i.e., mobile, desktop, or tablet).

  • Contextual Logos — Logos adapt to where they’re used (i.e., a monochrome logo for a business card, a custom logo for a T-shirt, etc.).

  • Variable Logos — Certain aspects of the logo change depending on the marketing campaign (i.e., a kid-friendly logo for a children’s campaign, different logos that promote different services).

Even big companies are catching on, but you don’t need to go overboard. Usually, having four different logo variants can cover all your bases.

2. Extreme Minimalism

Minimalism took a firm hold of digital design recently, in part thanks to its practical benefits on reducing loading times and improving visuals on mobile screens. And this has translated to logo & brand identity design.

Brands – most notably in the tech and fashion industries – are removing any extra elements in their logo and focusing on type only, with the vast majority going for a grotesque sans serif.

On occasion, designers are creating artful designs with single stroke lines, or type used in creative ways to convey this minimal look.

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