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"Forbes Women II" Calls Out Sexism, Wins at Cannes

The gender pay gap is a global issue, and Forbes Brazil is calling it out by saying that some of the world’s most successful companies wouldn’t have been funded if the founders had been women.

Women face many more challenges in the business world, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship. Women entrepreneurs receive only 7% of venture capital raised each year, 14% of loans and 5% of government grants, according to Knowing this, a new Forbes Brazil magazine campaign chose to tackle that head-on with help from Ogilvy Brazil's partnership.

'Forbes Women II,' the second part of the campaign that begun in 2017, brings female versions of some of the most iconic billionaires on its list. The point is that if some billionaires were women, their respective companies wouldn't exist and they would be clients of their competitors, due to the lack of incentives, a reflection of sexism in the workforce.

To illustrate that insight, the ads present female versions of three of today's top entrepreneurs -- Jeff Bezos, Amazon's founder, receiving a package from Ebay; the female version of Elon Musk of Tesla, driving a Toyota Prius; and the female version of Larry Page, Google's co-founder, accessing Yahoo.

Antonio Camarotti, Forbes Brazil Magazine’s chief executive officer, commented:

“Last year, our campaign was a great success, being awarded multiple times, because it called attention to the serious problem that is wage gap. The disparity between men and women in the workforce is still an issue. Our campaign once again reinforces Forbes Brazil’s position against gender inequality."

The campaign recently earned Ogilvy Brazil a Bronze Lion in Print & Publishing

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