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Fresca Refreshed

Atlanta-based company, Coca-Cola, announced that the seemingly forgotten beverage will be unveiling a crafty new look that reflects the no-calorie soft drink's unique citrus flavor, with an end goal of bringing in a new generation of consumers who may not be familiar with the brand.

Image: Coca-Cola

Since debuting in 1967 in the wake of the launch of its successful calorie-free counterpart, TaB, Fresca ("Fresh" in Spanish) has quietly amassed a loyal following thanks to its distinct, grapefruit-forward taste. But it’s largely unknown among Millennials.

“Fresca hasn’t said anything to consumers since 2008, and our awareness with younger consumers is very low,” said Ryan Hughes, associate brand manager, Sprite and Citrus Brands. “We felt it was time for a refresh after about a decade of silence.”

Hughes also touched on a major reason for this rebranding move: The Fresca product is not quite a soda or a flavored sparkling water. Lettering on the 12-ounce cans calls it a "sparkling flavored soda." Such products are a very popular niche right now, so it makes sense that Coca-Cola chose this moment to push Fresca forward.

Revamped packaging for Fresca’s three flavors — original, citrus and black cherry citrus and peach — will be unveiled with an artisanal look.

“We realized we’re sitting on a potential goldmine,” Hughes said. “Fresca is a magical brand that, when once people taste and experience, fall in love with. It hits the sweet spot somewhere between a soda and a flavored sparkling water.”

Point-of-sale advertising and targeted sampling in millennial hotspots such as co-working spaces and college campuses will be launched in order to bring awareness to both the brand and its offerings. Fresca, a go-to cocktail mixer for decades, is also exploring partnerships with liquor brands.

“We want people, first and foremost, to enjoy the essence of Fresca — its refreshing, premium taste — which can’t truly be described until experienced first-hand,” Hughes said.

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