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Iberostar Hotels & Resorts New Look

Under the motto "Let it Shine", the Iberostar Hotel Group recently revealed its new brand image, betting on a brand refresh accompanied by strategic changes by the company for the public.

The brand identity gets a modern look with the help of a simpler format. Overall, the public will see a shift to more photographic elements, accompanied by new typefaces and a simple pictographic style more up to date. The biggest change in this rebrand is the transition to flat design, saying goodbye to beveled and textured logo. Their iconic starfish also got a makeover, and now appears with clean, stylized curves giving the overall logo a lighter and more elegant feel.


As explained in Iberostar's press release, this new image sets the stage for a strategic change for the hotel company.

"The new Iberostar arises from the natural evolution of the company and reflects it's essence, always committed to sustainable development, personal growth and education, and the care of our oceans."

Without a doubt, the biggest change is the new branding structure through which the hotel group classifies it's properties according to type by using three different colors: hotels in cities (teal), beach hotels (navy blue), and older properties (apple green). They also introduced a new subcategory, "Grand" (most luxurious) in the color coral.

In conclusion, we can say that Iberostar Hotel Group has taken a big step forward with a more elegant look, leaving behind overly detailed elements, which no longer fit the brand's ideals nor standards.


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