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I Can Spice Packaging as Colorful as their Spices

With an endless selection of premium spices and spice mixes from around the world on offer, the goal is to encourage people to play and experiment more in the kitchen, using and mixing spices in a more curious way. And to achieve this, an inspirational branding and packaging concept was created by Szani Mészáros (previously) from DekoRatio.

The 100+ different spices and mixes are organized by categories: herbs, general spices, flowers, Indian spices, vegetables, peppers and 2 different mixes, with each group having their own unique design. To help the customer find what they’re looking for, an uncomplicated system leads them to their goal as well as inspires them to try out new options as each category is matched by color and a playful, detailed pattern showing plants and typical features of the spices in question. This idea comes with the hope that this playfulness will inspire people to use spices in a more courageous way, because "yes, we can spice!”

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