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It’s not just logo design that will experience a shift in 2019, it’s branding itself.

Since mobile browsing surpassed desktop in late 2016, the marketing world has been turned on its head, shifting their priorities to making things beautiful (and captivating) on smaller screens.

Now, designers are catching up with the latest logo design trends for a new digital landscape. Tomorrow’s logos will take advantage of technological advancements and a fascination for futurism, but won’t forget the “good ol’ days.”

The folks from JUST Creative have analyzed the trends that were rising—and falling—to compile a list of what we strongly predict to be the top logo design trends of 2019.

3. Integrated Negative Space

Although negative space has been a trick up artist’s sleeves for centuries, it has really gone mainstream in the past few years and the trend is continuing in 2019, where we will see negative space used in clever and inventive ways. This trend not only makes logos more visually interesting, it also enables duality and extra depth for clever designers.

4. Finer Details

While minimalism’s stronghold on digital design remains undefeated, 2019’s logos will gravitate towards more detailed and elaborate designs once again. Usually involving hand-drawn illustrations, we’re seeing lots of baroque-inspired designs that embrace the details rather than stripping them away.

This trend brings back all of the minimalist’s no-nos: line shading, flourishes to fill negative space, concentric circles, parallel lines, and attention to minor details. This sort of detailing is extremely prevalent in the food & beverage industry.

5. Friendlier Geometrics

As mentioned in the Graphic Design Trends 2019 article, abstract geometry and shapes are a prevailing trend across the board. These “mathematical” shapes and imagery (including grids and straight lines) are ideal for recreating that futuristic, sci-fi look that’s popular on screens.

However, the style’s innate drawback is that it can come across as cold or oppressive. Designers are softening its appearance with warm / bright color palettes and the addition of curves to bring balance to logo compositions.

6. Overlaps

Similar to the Integrated Negative Space trend above, overlaps are another visually dynamic way to add duality and extra layers to your logo. Designers are finding that creating a second or even third element out of a logo’s overlapping space allows for more creative opportunities and mesmerizing blends of color.

7. Historical Logos

Vintage and retro logos were a popular logo trend in 2018… so popular that in 2019, if you want your historical logo to stand out, you have to look back farther than ever before. More logos are drawing influence from the Renaissance or medieval styles, looking at imagery from guild emblems, coats of arms, and other crests predating the Industrial age in hopes of “borrowing” their authenticity.

8. Optical Illusions

One way to create an engaging logo is to make the viewer look twice. Optical illusions are becoming more popular in 2019, blurring the line between 2D and 3D. Designers manipulate perspective and shading for images that defy logic and increase their chances of getting remembered. This trend includes fragmented, bent, warped or visually broken “illusions”.

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