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Orioles, Indians and Phillies See Highest Growth on Social Media

Image: LA Dodgers (Facebook)

Social marketing firm Unmetric recently examined its cross-channel reports for all 30 MLB clubs during Spring training.

The Baltimore Orioles experienced the highest growth on Facebook, while the Cleveland Indians and Philadelphia Phillies did so on Twitter and Instagram respectively according to data collected from February 21st through March 27th.

Additional findings included:

  • AUDIENCE: New York Yankees have the largest audience across all three social networks

  • ENGAGEMENT: World Series Champion, Houston Astros, had the most engagement on Twitter, Chicago Cubs on Facebook and NY Yankees on Instagram

  • POSTS: Top posters for were the LA Dodgers (FB), San Diego Padres (Twitter), and Cincinnati Reds (Instagram)

  • LIKES: Most likes on Facebook went to the Cubs, Yankees on Twitter, and Dodgers on Instagram

  • COMMENTS: Yankees got the most comments on Facebook and Twitter, and Dodgers on Instagram

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Source: AdWeek/David Cohen


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