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Sprite Celebrates Pride in Mexico City

Sprite, the lemon-lime soda belonging to the Coca Cola beverage portfolio, launched a Pride version of the drink under the name of "Spride" with the aim of celebrating the LGBT pride, and was distributed free of charge at the LGBT Pride March held in Mexico City on June 23.

Through a statement, the brand expressed the following:

"In Sprite we talk to young people, because they are the ones who refresh the world. They inspire us. And currently, there is nothing more important than being who you are, accepting, loving and celebrating. This is what we believe. Therefore, we created this special and limited edition. A can that is not for sale and that we will give away exclusively at the Pride March on June 23 in Mexico City. Our position is simple: Today we change our name to celebrate with pride. "

The brand added, "We want to invite our partners and influencers to share the festive spirit of unity. Where we all unite to love regardless of gender, where we celebrate who we are. Because we were born to be authentic and transparent. "

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