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The Starbucks Cup Reimagined With Minimalist Icons, Adorable Illustrations

The Starbucks takeaway cup has often been used as a canvas for creative projects. 

Web design student and budding graphic designer Martigny Matthieu—whom was recently featured in for his negative space animal logos—has recently reimagined this ubiquitous paper cup with minimalist flat icons and cute drawings. 

Creating icons that are related to the coffee chain—such as that of a teapot, a slice of cake and a coffee cup topped with whipped cream—he has managed to retain the aesthetic of its branding by using its signature colors. 

Matthieu has also created two other designs that are more colorful and expressive, which features adorable illustrations of Starbucks’ food menu, including a smiling cupcake and croissant. 

*Originally published by By Dorothy Tan for


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