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Johnnie Walker Creates 'White Walker' Whisky for GOT

Johnnie Walker's parent company, Diageo, has teamed up with HBO to create a special edition Scotch whisky for the hit series, titled 'White Walker'.

HBO’s Game Of Thrones knows who their audience is, or at the very least they know their fans enjoy a tasty adult beverage or two. Apparently their next 21+ collaboration will be a Johnnie Walker scotch.

On it's official twitter account, Johnnie Walker promoted the drink with a short video teasing the release in the fall:

Over on the facebook page, a fan asked an important question; would this be a new blend or an existing one with updated packaging?  (Remember the Blade Runner: 2049 one).  The company responded, saying:

We’re excited to be partnering with HBO on White Walker by Johnnie Walker, which will launch this fall. Stay tuned for more details in the coming months!

So still not an answer really, about a new blend vs a repackaged one.  Theoretically we’ll be learning more about the release in coming months, prior to the season 8 premier in spring 2019.

Earlier this month, a label application was submitted to the TTB database giving us an idea of what to expect visually. One of the most interesting things that we found on the label is the suggested way of serving White Walker by Johnnie Walker is directly from the freezer for an ‘icy reveal’.

The first part of the label gives some information about the White Walkers:

‘"Once forgotten and reduced to ancient legend, White Walkers have emerged from the Frozen North. Bringing with them the chill of winter and the promise of terror and destruction to all who stand in their path. With their tall blades of ice capable of slicing through iron and their silent, Icy blue gaze, they are a chilling sight. When you see the undead coming, you know winter is here."

The second part provides some insight into the expression:

"The White Walker by Johhnie Walker is a blended Scotch whisky inspired by these chill-inducing white walkers. At the heart of the blend are single malts from Cardhu and Clynelish, one of Scotland’s most northern distilleries. The whisky is chill-filtered to 1.5 C and best served cold directly from the freezer."

This isn't the first time Game of Thrones has done a booze collaboration; Ommegang has done several Westeros-themed beers with the show and Bob Cabral has a line of wines. There's also an official cookbook called A Feast of Ice and Fire, if you're interested in cooking up a meal to go with your Arbor gold.

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