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TEDxMcAllen is an organization that seeks to provide a number of opportunities in McAllen and the Rio Grande Valley for people to share ideas, learn about our local innovators, and help figure out how to transform our community into the best that it can be. They were created in the spirit of TED’s mission, “ideas worth spreading.” Their events are planned and coordinated by a team of volunteers with support from individuals and organizations from across the Rio Grande Valley.
Marathon Pace T-Shirts

In the spring of 2015, we were approached by the board of directors organizing the first TEDx event in the Rio Grande Valley to participate in their RFP for the event's image. In the summer, we were chosen as the official design studio and began working with other creatives in different practices to create all the designs and video elements.

We began by creating the logo based on the theme "Breaking Borders." This hit quite close to home for our team since we all grew up on the border with Mexico deep in South Texas. While most people would have focused on the geographic aspect, we focused on what it meant emotionally to us, and the effect it had on who we became. Our interpretation of the theme impressed people and media outlets across the region, and our designs were awarded three gold American Advertising Awards, and a silver for "Best in Show."





  • Gold ADDY for "Best of Integrated Campaign"

  • Gold ADDY for "Integrated Branded Content Campaign"

  • Gold ADDY for "Elements of Advertising Logo Design"

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